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“G. Tomasiello” Museum of Prison Memory

The Museum of Prison Memory at the former agricultural penal colony of Tramariglio is housed within the old cells of the penitentiary, which is today the prestigious headquarters of the Porto Conte Nature Reserve and the Capo Caccia/Isola Piana Marine Protected Area. Here, two floors rich in history and stories describe daily life as it was lived in the past, with photo galleries and evocative functional objects such as clothes and tools.

The complex takes the form of a modern, cutting-edge museum that serves a twofold purpose. The first aim is to raise awareness and encourage reflection on the tragedy of detention and on the concept of social rehabilitation; the second aim is to help foster an understanding of the lived experience there, pursuant to the ancient Latin motto ludendo docere, meaning “to have fun while teaching”. At the end of the exhibition route, young visitors can get dressed up and have their “mug shot” taken, or attempt an adventurous, acrobatic bid for freedom, avoiding the infra-red rays that, if touched, will trigger the alarm.


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