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The Nature Trails


The Porto Conte Regional Nature Reserve and the seaside and coastal sections of the Capo Caccia/Isola Piana Marine Protected Area offer a network of trails with options to suit all types of visitors.

This mosaic of different environments not only encompasses a wealth of flora and fauna, but also has human stories to tell and includes numerous traces of the distant past.

The network of nature trails within the Porto Conte Nature Reserve follows, for the most part, the existing network of arterial highways, country roads, cart tracks and fire-break paths. Over time, the park authority has equipped part of these trails with a series of facilities. Of particular note are the nature trails within the two main state-owned forests – Punta Giglio and Prigionette-Porto Conte – as well as those within the Mount Doglia-Des Daus-Palmavera-Murone forest complex and those around the Calich lagoon.

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