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Authorised Diving Centres

List of 2019 authorised diving centres

  • Blue Service Diving

  • Adventure Diving Alghero

  • Capo Galera Diving

  • Karibu Diving

  • Nautisub Diving

  • North West Sardinia Diving

  • Offshore Tour Srl Diving

  • Overing Diving Center

  • Poseidon Diving


MPA Reserve Committee

Dr. Renato Grimaldi – Chair

Dr. Antonello Caredda – RAS designated representative

Prof. Vincenzo Pascucci – Alghero City Council designated representative

Mr. Ennio Antonetti – MATTM designated representative

Dr. Gianfranco Lauriano – ISPRA designated representative

Officer in Charge Agatino Carciola – Porto Torres Harbour Office designated representative

Dr. Fabio Cotogni – Environmental Associations (Associazioni Ambientalisti) designated representative



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