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Diving Sites


The main diving sites can be divided into open seabed/rockface sites and cave sites.

The most popular open seabed/rockface sites are as follows:

  • Parete della Madonnina

  • Il delfino

  • Parete di Capo Bocato

  • Le ancore di Punta Giglio

  • I massi delle gorgonie

  • Scoglio inferno

  • La pettata di Capo Caccia

  • I dolmen della Foradada

  • Punta Timone (Foradada)

  • Parete di Punta Giglio

  • Parete di Punta Romanì

  • Parete di Punta Salinetto

The submerged caves that, following receipt of authorisation from the managing authority, can be visited by diving are listed below:



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