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The karst phenomenon that characterises the metamorphosis of the white limestone of the cliffs of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio, but also of the hillside of Monte Doglia, gave rise to the formation, during the various geological epochs, of a complex mosaic of emerged and submerged caves of globally recognised importance. The submerged caves are today a favourite destination of numerous sub-aqua diving enthusiasts, thanks to their stunning beauty, accessibility and richness of marine flora and fauna.

The emerged cave par excellence is without doubt Neptune’s Cave, situated on Capo Caccia and reachable over land via the “Escala del Cabirol” (cliff-side staircase) or by sea on the ferries. There are a full 14 caves in the Capo Caccia/Isola Piana Marine Protected Area that can be explored through authorised dives, though there are in fact more than 100 that are dotted around the seabed of the protected reserve.

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