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There are three main forests rich in native flora within the protected area of the Porto Conte Regional Nature Reserve. For those who want to savour captivating panoramas and experience the pleasure of walking along nature trails in the shade of the pine forests and the holm oak woods, it is very much worth paying a visit to the state-owned forests of Prigionette-Porto Conte and Punta Giglio.

In the former, you may even catch sight of white Asinara donkeys, Sardinian donkeys, wild horses, deer and boar, and you can also savour the views of the sea, which appears beyond the craggy coastline. From the trails of the forest of Punta Giglio you can get close to the low-lying rocky coast and marvel at the inlets and little beaches that are as silent as their are evocative.

A visit to the woodland complex of the “three summits” of Palmavera-Murone and Des Daus is essential. These hillsides offer incredible panoramas that allow you to admire the protected area from myriad different perspectives. Also not to be missed is the tranquillity that awaits you on the summit of Mount Doglia, surrounded by the sumptuous fragrances of maquis.


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