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Cycle Excursions

Since 2018, thanks to regional funding from the Tourism Office as part of the “Intense” project, the Porto Conte Regional Nature Reserve has installed and officially opened three cycle routes, equipping them with signage that provides all of the necessary information for them to be used safely.

In any case, more generally, bikes can use the entire nature reserve, travelling along the network of provincial roads and state highways, and also along the cycle track that starts in Alghero and arrives near the Nuraghe Palmavera.

The nature reserve is very much suited to bicycles and riders at all levels of expertise.

The headquarters at Casa Gioiosa in Tramariglio houses a cycle-tourism hub, where you can replace or pump up a flat tyre and carry out other small maintenance operations. It is also possible to hire pedal-assisted mountain bikes here.

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Raggi di Sardegna



The routes, and in-depth information on the official cycle-tourism trails, are provided below
Biking Sardinia
T. +39 3933313788 |


9:30 - Central European Time - 3 hours 30 minutes
E-mtb guided tour.

Meeting Point: Alghero base Biking Sardinia

This excursion is our best-seller, and not by chance is it called “Riviera del Corallo” , since it highlights all of the beauty of Alghero and the Porto Conte Nature Reserve.

Description of the tour
We depart from our base, where we join the cycle route for around 5km along the coastal road that links Fertilia to Alghero. Immediately afterwards, we come to our first off-road trail, which is a fire-break path that will help you become more confident on the bike – something that will prove very useful when we then reach the wonderful single-track road in the pine forest of Arenosu. At the end of the trail, we reach the stunning nuragic complex of Palmavera, where if you wish you can visit these wonderful Bronze and Iron Age stone towers. We then begin our first ascent, with panoramic views over the Bay of Porto Conte, and at the end of the ascent, having reached the summit, we find ourselves at the historic site of the small WWII forts. After a brief tutorial on how to use the mountain bike for descents, we take on the first downward stretch of the day, but don’t be afraid if you don’t feel up to it – you can choose the route to take depending on your level of technical ability. A few minutes later, we will be in the captivating Mugoni pine forest, and from here we will ride across some of the most gorgeous inlets, taking us to the entrance to Punta Giglio, a nature reserve that forms part of the Porto Conte Regional Nature Reserve. The beauty of this promontory will take your breath away, as it is surely one of the most enchanting places not just in the north-west of Sardinia but on the entire island. Having reached the summit, we will find ourselves on the edge of an 80m sheer drop down to the sea, and you are guaranteed to be extremely impressed. We will visit the barracks, the munitions depot and all of the WWII fortifications, and the guide will give you some fascinating historical information. At the end of our visit to Punta Giglio, it will be time to explore all of the most beautiful beaches in the area, including many secret spots, and during the summer you can even take a refreshing dip in one of the delightful inlets. We shall then take a well-deserved break on Lazzaretto beach, where you can enjoy a drink as you look out over the turquoise sea, which is easily as heavenly as anything the Caribbean has to offer! After our break, we’ll get back in the saddle, and in around 40 minutes we’ll be back at the base from which we started out.

Route suitable for all, with option to choose the trail that matches your confidence level.

Please note, you must come to the meeting point at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
On request, we can pick you up from your hotel.
Not suitable for children under the age of 12.


  • Visit to the Second World War forts

  • Visit to the Nuraghe of Palmavera (option to enter, for a charge)

  • Visit to the Porto Conte Nature Reserve, Punta Giglio

  • Visit to the main beaches of Alghero



9:30 - Central European Time - 3 hours 30 minutes
“Le Prigionette” Reserve within the Porto Conte Nature Reserve - Alghero

Meeting Point: “Le Prigionette” Reserve, Porto Conte Nature Reserve

This excursion is a favourite with families, since it takes place entirely within the natural forest of Porto Conte, where your children will enjoy coming face-to-face with the animals in the nature reserve, which include white donkeys, Sardinian donkeys, deer, goats, mouflon and partridges. Best of all, you will have the chance to marvel at the majestic flight of the griffon vultures.

Description of the tour
We start out on an easy dirt track, where after a gentle ascent lasting a few kilometres, we reach a path that takes us to the summit of Mount Timidone, at an altitude of around 400m above sea level. The panorama you can see from here is quite incredible, and the 360° views are sure to take your breath away. We’ll pause here for a snack and to take some photographs. The most thrilling moment, though, is when the time comes to descend: after a few recommendations and some technical advice on how to control the bike, we head off down the most panoramic mountain path, which takes us to the stunning Cala Barca, at an altitude of around 120m, with a sheer drop below us. From here, we have fantastic views of Piana Island. We’ll carry on riding in search of little beaches in the Porticciolo area, before we make our way back to our starting point.

Non-challenging excursion, suitable for everyone, especially families with children
On request, a shuttle service can bring you to and from the meeting point


  • Mount Timidone 400m

  • Cala Barca

  • Capo Caccia

  • Coming face-to-face with the animals


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