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Punta Giglio Forest

The forest complex of Punta Giglio offers a mosaic of trails of various lengths, and at various levels of difficulty, to allow you to immerse yourself in the fragrances and colours of the Mediterranean maquis, listening to the calls of the birds that populate the rocky crags and woodlands of maritime pine and stone pine. These are favourite haunts of species such as the peregrine falcon and Scopoli’s shearwater.

The main trail that affords access to the forest complex features panels illustrating the various species and natural communities that characterise the landscape of the protected territory of the peninsula of Punta Giglio, within the Porto Conte Regional Nature Reserve. Also available is information on the traces left by human beings in this part of the island, which include the former “Sr. 413” military battery, constructed in the interwar period by the Italian Royal Navy.

The route aims to provide the essential elements to glean an understanding of the various natural communities in the protected area, the dynamic relationships between them, the effects of environmental and manmade factors, and the particular features of the various native species and also of the allochthonous species that have been introduced into the area over the years.

Along the main route, there is also a “Life Trail”, which is a series of panels that illustrate how to engage in some light fitness exercises in the open air.
The entrance to the forest complex includes an information point, toilets and a bicycle hire service.

Accessing the forest complex is subject to payment during the period in which the aforementioned services are operational. This is generally from 1 April to 31 October. Outwith this period, access is free of charge.

Opening hours
Every days / 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.



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