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Baia di Conte


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You will get to know all its main attractors.
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Campo Boe – Punta del Dentul – Baia di Porto Conte

By clicking the link below you can register and obtain mooring authorization at the “Punta del Dentul – Baia di Porto Conte” buoy field where no. 14 buoys for mooring boats.


Centre for Environmental, Marine and Terrestrial Education

Schools Special

Through its Centre for Environmental, Marine and Terrestrial Education or “C.E.A.MA.T.”, the Porto Conte Nature Reserve offers nature trails and guided tours to enable you to immerse yourself in this extraordinarily beautiful part of Sardinia, and also to get a sense of just how priceless the landscapes and seascapes of the protected area really are.

Nature and Local Area

A natural bay where strips of white sand are embraced by an enormous green expanse that continues to exert a wild, almost primordial fascination.


Sleeping and Eating

The accommodation facilities of the nature reserve comply with specific quality standards and are geared towards letting visitors experience the most authentic Sardinian cuisine and hospitality.

Casa Gioiosa

The nature reserve’s headquarters plays host to events, exhibitions, workshops and immersive trails. It is a shining example of how to regenerate a building in order to enhance the public’s appreciation of history and culture.

Visit the Nature Reserve

The nature reserve offers trails and guided tours to allow you to get to know first-hand the beauty and the secrets of an area that is very much a natural wonderland.

News and Events

In this section, you can find all of the information on scheduled events, so that you can stay up to speed with everything that’s going on at the nature reserve.

The Emporium

This is the nature reserve’s main retail hub – the place to buy books, maps, postcards, local products and gadgets made from eco-sustainable materials.

Contact us

Want to receive more information on the nature reserve, the trails and the beaches, and on how and when to visit the main archaeological sites? If you want to find out more or book your guided tour, you can contact us by telephone, via email or using the form on the site.

We will be delighted to guide you, physically and/or virtually, as you discover the true treasures of the nature reserve. With us by your side, you can get the low-down on the most secret parts of this corner of paradise.